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Attorney SEO Marketing - #1 in Attorney, Law Firm Organic, Natural SEO and Search Engine Optimization.

Attorney SEO Marketing is a company that has specialized in Advanced Organic Search Engine Optimization, using the most efficient link building campaigns. All of our efforts are directed to improve the organic search engines rankings of our client's sites, in order to increase visitors and clients. We aim to please our clients by offering them the best link building campaigns, on page optimization, keyword research and a whole range of great seo services that will boost their rankings in all the major search engines. Our results speak for them self :

Our SEO strategy focuses on ensuring the maximum number of highly targeted visitors reach your website and become your customers before reaching competitors. We take a fully integrated, 100% ethical and transparent approach to using natural Search Engine Optimization to achieve the best possible coverage for your website on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! The exciting news for you is that the benefits of our SEO campaign compensate nicely with the initial cost and reduce marketing costs in long term.

In times of economic downturn such as the current, it is increasingly important for your firm to be flexible and to look for ways at reduce your marketing costs. Our SEO experience will HELP you achieve this.

Keyword search is one of the most popular online activity, rapidly approaching the popularity of email retrieval.

98% of all keyword search activity results are powered by the big 4 search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.

Organic search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL are all determined by a search engine spider and/or robot crawler.

Recent internet marketing studies confirm that keyword phrase searchers prefer the organic search results at a 6 to 1 ratio vs. pay-per-click sponsored search advertising listings.

What We Offer

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Attorney SEO Marketing offers search engine optimization solutions and seo consulting services to legal professionals we address website optimization using natural and organic keyword search results. Our network of expert organic search engine optimization professionals has been helping  small to medium law firms position their firm by keyword phrases on: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL since 2003.

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Optimization Links Resources

How Search Engines Work

Search engines have programs called spiders which visit web pages to determine what the content of your site is, and to find other links to scan at a later date.

    1. Spiders, or web crawlers, scan the content of web pages.

    2.  They send the results of their scan back to an algorithm to be broken down and analyzed.

    3.  If the spiders encounter a link to another page or website these links are stored.

    4.  Eventually other spiders crawl the linked-to pages.

    5.  Therefore, the more links from other websites and pages your website has, the more frequently your website is visited and crawled.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of making your website easier for search engines to understand. The goal of SEO is increased ranking for your website, which will result in more traffic. Engaging in search engine optimization requires a constantly evolving skill set.